• Joss Heaton Plotting ~ ⚛️// I might be in too much debt with the hell in my head, I'm way too agressive ;  The nervous ticks, the twitch in my neck, I'll never oppress it//⚛️
  • Username Change? ~ ⚛️//It's getting late and I cannot seem to find my way home tonight ; Feels like I am falling through a rabbit hole, falling for forever, wonderfully wandering alone//⚛️
  • ⚛️//Happiness comes when everything numbs ; Who needs co.caine? Freeze your brain//⚛️
  • Group Shoutout ~ ⚛️//Shut up Seaweed Brain//⚛️

  • f r e s h
  • i. w a s. g o n n a. d i e. y o u n g. + rtd please
  • i  p l a y , y o u  l i s t e n  &  r a n t s
  • e m a n c i p a t o r + tag

  • Sin título #266
  • Sin título #265
  • Sin título #264
  • Sin título #263

  • "you are a living, breathing, screaming invitation to believe better things" + tag
  • My Christmas Wishlist 2016 🎄🎁
  • happy thanksgiving! + the 99 questions nobody asks tag
  • "strike a match/make it last/we are all we need"

  • you won't be far from home
  • oh i'd make you okay
  • but the empty one is me
  • phantoms of my mind

  • Beautiful Day
  • Vintage
  • Rosy
  • Simple

  • Beware
  • Im a lady so suck it
  • Nice or Naughty
  • ANIME! Just livin life

  • ☢Leave my motivation to chemical dependency☢
  • 💉All the drugs in this world can't save her from herself 💉
  • 💊For your pleasure or your pain💊
  • 🙅 I only wanna see the kinda girl you are 🙅

  • My style w/ overalls
  • Basic overalls
  • Pastel overalls
  • Edgy overalls

  • "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."
  • Long Time No See!
  • salve bonjour hello hola guten tag